Month: March 2012

Earth Hour 2012 – I Will If You Will

Earth Hour 2012

Tonight starting from 8:30-9:30 pm, the Earth Hour 2012 will take place. Earth Hour is a worldwide event organized by World Wide Fund for Nature. It is started last 2007 and held every year on the last Saturday of March. The aim is to raise awareness about the need to take action on climate change […]

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#OpGlobalBlackOut – Can Anonymous shutdown the Internet?


I was strolling in twitter last night, reading tweets of random people about random stuff. One tweet caught my attention. A tweet from @Pastebin said that March 31 will be interesting. Clicking the link; what I read on the paste is pretty interesting indeed. The Anonymous, a hacktivist collective, is planning to shutdown the Internet […]

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Useful WordPress Themes And Plugins

There you go, I’m a newbie here in wordpress, so let me handle this to share my resources and tips for the first time. If you’re looking for some great ways to improve your WordPress workflow, read on for a massive collection of free themes and plugins. These resources were all linked via the  Twitter […]

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Happy Birthday Bamboo Mañalac!

One of my favorite icons in the Filipino rock scene, Francisco “Bamboo” Mañalac celebrates his birthday. His birthday is March 21, 1975 (after searching the webs). After the breakup with his former band last January 11, 2011, He started his solo career with a new single last September 2011 entitled Questions. His debut album entitled […]

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Coca Cola’s Concert ng Bayan – Get your free tickets now!

Coca Cola’s Concert ng Bayan will be held this Friday night(March 23, 2012) at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. It is for the celebration of Coca Cola’s 100th anniversary. All thanks to the President of Happiness, Caloy. Coca Cola’s Concert ng Bayan is his third project. The first two is Free Coke day […]

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PULP Summer Slam 2012: The Apostles

This year is another year for the annual PULP SUMMER SLAM. And its now on its 12th year. Again, PULP Live Productions proudly brings to you the much awaited and the biggest rock festival of 2012 — PULP SUMMER SLAM 2012: THE APOSTLES.Featuring SIX foreign heavy metal bands, namely: ARCH ENEMY, BLESS THE FALL, DARKEST HOUR, WE CAME AS ROMANS […]

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Thank You for the Music, Karl Roy died at 43

  Filipino Rock Icon Karl Roy, lead vocalist of the band Kapatid, Advent Call and P.O.T, passed away at the age of 43 this tuesday March 13 due to a cardiac arrest. I’ve been informed by the shocking sad news via Mornings@ANC. The news was confirmed by Karl’s younger brother and frontman of the band RazorBack. […]

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Have you seen the Invisible Children lately?

KONY 2012 - Make him Visible

Just for 5 days, the viral video that was uploaded last March 5, 2012 by the Invisible Children got over 65 million views! The video is about a short film on who is Joseph Kony and why we need to make him famous. At first, I kinda ignored the video. I wanted to observe how […]

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Frida’s Lament – ANC’s Storyline OST


Staying up late seems to end up well these past few days. I watched ABS-CBN’s Storyline and the OST caught my attention. Not because I liked it at once but because of its soothing melody (yeah trying to sound musically inclined here). I know a lot of you are searching for the song. Even my […]

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Microsoft Philippines Innovation Universe 2012 – WhoDunnIT and Imagine Cup free for students!

Microsoft Philippines will be holding an event this March 21-23 this 2012. The 3-day event is entitled Innovation Universe. It is an event that is focused on bringing together some of the country’s top IT vendors. “focused on bringing together some of the country’s top IT vendors as well as established and up-and-coming innovators – […]

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So you need a php Cart class?

I got quite sick of the Cart class issue so I decided to create my own ‘generic’ one. I kinda obfuscated the code so if you really want to get the logic out of that Cart class of mine, you can always “decode” it. It is doable even for a monkey, promise 😀 Basically, in […]

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What does Code 2600 means? Now showing at Cinequest 2012 Film Fest!

Code 2600 Film

I personally like watching documentaries and short films. Especially those conspiracy theories that will keep you on asking “Is it true?” Code 2600 is a film about the rise of Information Technology Age. It tells us a story on how hackers acts as a threat and protection at the same time. It also tells us […]

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