Google is under attack! Zerg Rush!

I have been into games lately. I have a bunch of games installed in my PC that I haven’t played for months. Currently thriving to finish most of them. I was browsing the webs lately when I found a cool easter egg from Google.

So you are at work, bored and has a lot to do. Need a stress reliever? Google in “Zerg Rush” and watch your “Base” getting pawned by little orange and red O’s. You can kill them too. Click on them until they disappear.

A Rush is a game tactic, mostly applied to real-time strategy games, wherein you overpower your enemy in the early phase of battle by creating many units and focusing it all onto the enemy’s base.

Now go fight back and defend your base!


Brad (See comments below) shared with us his cool web app that records high scores of Google’s Zerg Rush game. Check out his blog post here. Though it would be better if it would be automatically recorded whenever you got to the GG part. I hope people are honest about their online scores these days.

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