Privacy is dead. We killed it.

Thanks to Edward Snowden for producing such an outburst regarding our privacy. Most of us right now is getting paranoid. The idea of our government spying on us is not new to everyone. We already have loads of movies, news and ideas of how our government is tapping our privacy. Yet we became too naive to believe that it will even come true.

After the National Security Agency’s Prism getting public attention, it came to us that everything we’ve read and seen from movies, novels and conspiracy theories are true. So is this a really bad thing for us?

Some would say yes. Of course it is a bad thing. Even though our government says it is only for anti-terrorism purposes, for our own protection, whatever BS our government tells us, no one will be stupid enough to allow anyone in accessing their personal stuff. Would you allow me to view your conversation with your best friend’s fiancee?

“We all have things that we want to keep to ourselves.”

– Moira Queen, Arrow T.V. Series

But we all do know that this sort of thing is inevitable. As a matter of fact, it is already happening for years already. Everyone, even our beloved and trusted media, turned a blind eye. But who is to blame? Is it the government? Is it the terrorists? Not just because our government has the means, the technology and the legality to do it (if spying on people without a warrant is how we define legal nowadays). Or because of the terrorists that are always plotting things just to prove their own principles. We can’t really blame everything to others.

We ourselves have already given so much personal information about us just for the sake of being seen. We are so focused on participating in this ‘virtual social world’ so everyone can see how epic we are that we did not even thought of why provide these sort of personal information in the first place. No wonder services like Facebook and Google are very much free to everyone. Have you even wondered?

We as humans, as social creatures have the compulsory need to be noticed, to gain attention. We ignored the fact that for every information we provide. The more we make ourselves vulnerable. Even Facebook’s Zuckerberg is already dubbing that privacy is already dead. Yes, he is right, we became too comfortable in sharing ‘what is on our mind’. The good thing is we do not really have to be paranoid about it if you are not participating in illegal activities. Do you really think that posting a picture of you smoking pot will be one of the Feds’ top concerns?

The bad news about this is that we are already virtually bound to these “government-spied” services that we as “consumers” have no other option but to use them. What we do not know is that we as “people” have the option to avoid all of these and keep our personal lives ..well, more “personal”. The idea of keeping our information private is like living in a cave. But do we really have to do it? After all, privacy is already dead. We killed it just by going online.

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4 thoughts on “Privacy is dead. We killed it.”

  1. Make changes that will defeat this invasion of privacy. Such as mass use of TOR network system. We need more people using it. We need the world to use it. If there’s no way, if you can’t seem to find a way, then make one. Spread the word people, until we develop a better way to combat invasion of privacy by the rich and abusive people in government, we need to get people to use TOR.

    This is not a final, definite, be all end all, solution. We need to develop a better system for ourselves, and for the future generation. There is one flaw with the TOR system, and that is ISP servers can be tapped. With the TOR system, the NSA would need access to not just American servers, but also overseas ISP servers as well. But right now, this is one of the best temporary solutions we can do. SSL/TSL is useless because the end servers (ie. facebook, google, etc) are being bugged by the NSA and who knows what other foreign spying agencies is in cahoots with them.

    Spread the word please. Get people to use TOR.

  2. If your intercepted communications will enable a criminal to blackmail some hundred dollars from you, you should indeed worry and not presume that everything is okay because you ‘have nothing to hide’. In that case, kindly walk around your city naked with your bank account statements and you diary taped to your forehead.

    Keep up the good postings.

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