Battle Realms 2 – Lair of the Lotus coming soon!

Remember that moment when Koril teleports in your farm kills all your helpless peasants with one swift?

Battle Realms, a classic real-time strategy game by Liquid Entertainment, is now on the path of having a sequel. The rebirth of this classic game is confirmed by Ed Del Castillo. The co-founder himself mentioned in that they are working on a sequel entitled Battle Realms: Lair of the Lotus. The game will take place after Kenji’s journey where Kenji is now returning to the main continent. Nothing has been confirmed yet by Ed except a Kickstarter will be created for its funding, new clans and new in-game mechanics. I just hope this gets funded. I really missed playing this classic.

Speaking of classics, the original Battle Realms is now on GoG (Good Old Games) download it now for only $9.99!

Read the Battle Realms wikia’s comment section to get you excited! or┬áCheck out this fan made video. These are mashed up clips about Battle Realms: Lair of the Lotus from Ed’s weekly vlog.

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