25 thoughts on “Fix twitch.tv grey screen not loading”

  1. This works wonderfully!

    This seems to be the only way I can get the twitch site working. So is this a bug with Google Cast or with twitch?

    1. I don’t think it is a bug. It seems that the compressed script (the emberjs) they are generating aren’t served properly. That is why the browser can’t interpret whether it is compressed (gzipped) or not.

      1. Thanks dude, so is there any other way to fix this more “permanently?” Im so happy I found this page randomly googling through Twitch forums.

        Im surprised it hasnt gotten more publicity.

        Im also wondering why it hasnt been a problem for other people?

        1. It’s up to twitch to fix it since it is hosted in their servers. I really don’t know why there are only few people experiencing this.

          As for “publicity”, I was the one posting the links in the forums lol. This has been a problem for me since last year; I thought I should share it now that I found a way to fix it.

          1. Hey, just a comment, I noticed that in theater mode your script doesnt make the text youre typing in readable because it changes the color of the chat.

            Just a minor thing but FYI 🙂

    1. i just guessed. the console showed binary data which is not parsable to browsers. so its either the site was trying to push malware on my system or it used a commonly used method to compress a 1mb+ of javascript.

  2. just an update the new emberapp is now emberapp-7ffc95f48ab300a056021897a5ab816a.js
    and I have no idea what to do with it I DLed it into a gzip but I can’t decompress it

  3. I have no idea how to use what is describe in this page, not anybody is a web programmer, any tutorial for a scrub?

    By the way, the link for the file are down and Twitch is now doing the same “bug” on the PS4 browser (is suppose to be based on Mozilla, like a browser for mobile, in fact the Twitch player is the HTML5 mobile version on PS4 browser). I was thinking could be something tight to my router but is not the case, what there are doing at Twitch?

  4. Bookmarklet has stopped working; this is what I get when I check in console:

    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 429 (Bandwidth Error)

  5. hello
    I am really not good with computers, esspecially with stuff like this…
    I havent really understood what exactly I have to do could you please explain it step by step? I would really appreciate it as I have this problem for a longer time already and twitch support isnt helpful at all

  6. omg, it actually worked!! Thank you!

    To all those asking how to do this:
    open a new tab and enter your favorite twitch channel
    go back to this site, right click and drag “Load twitch.tv bookmarklet” towards the twitchtv tab.

  7. 1. Open twitch with gray screen.
    2. Press F12
    3. Go to console
    4. Drag that “Load twitch.tv bookmarlet to the console (Note: Try to find the part where the stop sign becomes a plus sign lol)
    5. Wait
    6 It should load by now

  8. You can also try using VPNs. If your ISP is PLDT I’m pretty sure that they throttle twitch.tv. I recommend zenmate and connect through Hong Kong.

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