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- 08-05-2017 An update on what's happening

So we are moving to DigitalOcean (or Vultr). We are also planning to convert the Wordpress to Jekyll (or other static site generators).
Due to the following things:

    - Static websites are "hip" and "cool" and they're mainly easy to maintain.
    - Multiple issues on this host. (Can't write to /tmp srlsy?)
    - Wordpress has become bloated (in my opinion. let's not debate on this)

I always wanted to have a simple website like this. Plain and direct. I won't be using Wordpress with markdown and static site generators around.

For now, I have converted all the blog contents into markdown usable by jekyll. Thanks to this plugin by Ben Balter. 
The exported markdown files are not that great but it did the work. Some of the posts will probably be broken. Sadly, comments cannot be exported though.
To help you preview the articles you may install a Markdown Viewer plugin in your browser (Chrome | Firefox).

You can check the archived posts here.