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Pocket Mortys – free game from Adult Swim

Pocket Mortys

Do you like Pokemon? Do you like Rick and Morty? Whether you said yes or no, you should play Pocket Mortys! Pocket Mortys is a pokemon inspired parody. It is based on one of Adult Swims most famous animated shows, Rick and Morty. There are 72 types of Mortys known. Each has 3 simple dumbfounded […]

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Project Ascension – a project to unify all game launchers

  Project Ascension is an open-source, multi-platform game launcher by PC gaming fans on Reddit. It aims to unify all game launchers into one sleek and cool piece of software. It was conceived after Valve introduced paid mods into the Steam Workshop, which definitely had a negative impression on the PC community. Though the controversy […]

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You can now play Dota 2 Reborn!

You can now finally play Dota 2 Reborn. Announced last week, the “beta” was divided in a 3-part blog posts which presents the main features of the new Dota 2 Reborn. The new interface provides a much better overview of the current news about Dota. It also has an activity feed where you can even […]

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Watch the demo gameplay for Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation was already announced last 2011 by Ed Vaizey via Twitter. The game is developed by The Creative Assembly, known for their Total War game series. Alien: Isolation is heavily based on the movie Alien with a mix of Deadspace 2. Though Creative Assembly is known for strategy games, Alien: Isolation’s dark and slow […]

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Download No More Room In Hell on Steam! Free to play!

Heads up zombie fans! If you have been stalking articles about zombies, this is one of those news that you shouldn’t be missing. No More Room In Hell is a Source Engine mod (All hail Valve) that was released in beta last November 2011. Now after 2 years of waiting, it finally made its way […]

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Watch Fallout: Nuka Break Season 2

Fallout: Nuka Break finally made it to season 2. The mini series showed its last episode 3 years ago. Just to let you know, Fallout: Nuka Break is a live-action fan-made web series by Wayside Creations. Though originally conceived as a movie, the guys from Wayside Creations managed to pull a 6-episode mini series. Now, […]

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Battle Realms 2 – Lair of the Lotus coming soon!

Remember that moment when Koril teleports in your farm kills all your helpless peasants with one swift? Battle Realms, a classic real-time strategy game by Liquid Entertainment, is now on the path of having a sequel. The rebirth of this classic game is confirmed by Ed Del Castillo. The co-founder himself mentioned in that they […]

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Sad news from Tiny Speck – Glitch is closing


Glitch is a browser-based multiplayer game developed by Tiny Speck. It may look like a children’s game but if you gave it a try you will be definitely get addicted to it. Glitch is a social game. It is referred as a “collaborative simulation” by Tiny Speck because players are required to work together. Unlike […]

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Google is under attack! Zerg Rush!

I have been into games lately. I have a bunch of games installed in my PC that I haven’t played for months. Currently thriving to finish most of them. I was browsing the webs lately when I found a cool easter egg from Google. So you are at work, bored and has a lot to […]

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The Walking Dead video game is out!

  Well, technically not yet but a few more hours and the first episode of The Walking Dead video game will be released.  It will be released in five separate ensembles. The developers from Telltale Games has something good to offer to pre-orders. The gamer who wins in that pre-order contest gets the chance to […]

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Play Diablo III Open Beta Weekend

The beta for Diablo III just came out. Currently I’m in the process of installing the game. Hope it works on my lappy and meet the system requirements that was announced. I know you’ve been waiting updates before, but now that Diablo 3 beta is officially open! For this weekend at least. All you need […]

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BMW xDrive Challenge – A 3D driving game on Facebook

xDrive Challenge preview

The BMW xDrive Challenge, just like any other Facebook game, thrives to promote the xDrive, an intelligent all-wheel drive system for BMW’s. It is dubbed as the first multiplayer 3D racing game on Facebook. It is built in Unity and like any other games, it has issues; It has an oversensitive handbrake. And by oversensitive […]

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PlayStation 4 Codenamed Orbis?

  Next-generation PlayStation is codenamed Orbis and is being planned for a mid of 2013 release. Kotaku told the console’s current working name is Orbis. The console won’t support backward compatibility for PlayStation 3 games, compared to when PS2 BC was dropped from PS3 around 2009 when Slim launched. The Orbis codename is Latin for circle or ring. […]

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