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All your privacy are belong to us

Digital privacy, Internet Surveillance and The PRISM - Enemies of the Internet

Court vs. Apple These past few days, the government has asked Apple to manufacture “better” versions of iOS software. This is not just a simple case of asking Apple to hand over their user’s data for legal reasons. The good guys are practically asking Apple to give up their customer’s privacy. All your data are […]

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Yahoo Axis is more than just a browser

Yahoo Axis

Oh browser wars! When will you even come to an end? We all know that Google has its own Chrome. Mozilla has its own Firefox. Microsoft has the epic Internet Explorer. Never forget Safari and Opera. Recently new in the scene is Yahoo’s own browser, Axis. Just like what I posted a while ago about […]

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Google is under attack! Zerg Rush!

I have been into games lately. I have a bunch of games installed in my PC that I haven’t played for months. Currently thriving to finish most of them. I was browsing the webs lately when I found a cool easter egg from Google. So you are at work, bored and has a lot to […]

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Get driven by Google Drive

Google Drive

After creating a social network, Google is now getting fond of mimicking famous services on the web. They finally revealed another service. Google Drive, a cloud storage service just like Dropbox. I am not comparing Google Drive with Dropbox. I just want to highlight what Google Drive has to offer. So what makes this Google […]

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Google Plus needs more plus! Check out the new look

new google plus layout

With all the new features and stuff spitting out from Facebook’s deep dark underground labs, Google Plus needs to rethink it’s strategy. They did, in a “piratey” way. No offense Google but yeah copying that cover photo thingy is a cool thing. Google Plus revamped its look. It almost looked like a new Gplus and […]

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Stop the Stop Online Piracy Act

Reddit SOPA

Ugh second semester is one great hell and I need to survive this thesis (part 1) first. So I’m officially telling you (readers, if there are any) that I’ll be on a hiatus. So before going hiatus mode, I’ll be blogging once more. This time the topic would be something relevant to me lol. If […]

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What are Clean URLs?

if you have used CodeIgniter, you will notice it uses clean URLs. Each segment in the url has a specific value. Like for the first and the second segments in the query string acts as the class name and the method respectively. The other trailing segments acts as the GET request or the parameters for […]

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