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Are you online?

social life

Humans are social animals. It is inevitable. We cannot escape the fact that we need social interaction every once in a while whether you label yourself as introverted or shy. With the dawn of social media platforms, we enabled ourselves to connect more than we have almost connected before. With just one tap, we can […]

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Happy Birthday Internet!

Yesterday, while all the people around the world celebrated the New Year’s Day, us geeks of sorts have celebrated the 30th year of the Internet itself. Technically, the celebration is for the birth of the modern-day Internet. Computers are already linked together in the early 1960’s but January 1 was the day the ARPANET officially […]

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Cyber Libel – The illusion of control over the freedom of speech in the Internet

Welcome to the Internet, you must be new here.

  The Filipino cyberspace has been stormed by a specific topic these past few weeks. It created a disturbance to our local netizens and sparked a movement which led to the chaos of our cyberspace. What you are going to read along the next lines are merely my opinion, and no I am not a […]

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Yahoo Axis is more than just a browser

Yahoo Axis

Oh browser wars! When will you even come to an end? We all know that Google has its own Chrome. Mozilla has its own Firefox. Microsoft has the epic Internet Explorer. Never forget Safari and Opera. Recently new in the scene is Yahoo’s own browser, Axis. Just like what I posted a while ago about […]

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#OpGlobalBlackOut – Can Anonymous shutdown the Internet?


I was strolling in twitter last night, reading tweets of random people about random stuff. One tweet caught my attention. A tweet from @Pastebin said that March 31 will be interesting. Clicking the link; what I read on the paste is pretty interesting indeed. The Anonymous, a hacktivist collective, is planning to shutdown the Internet […]

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What does Code 2600 means? Now showing at Cinequest 2012 Film Fest!

Code 2600 Film

I personally like watching documentaries and short films. Especially those conspiracy theories that will keep you on asking “Is it true?” Code 2600 is a film about the rise of Information Technology Age. It tells us a story on how hackers acts as a threat and protection at the same time. It also tells us […]

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Stop the Stop Online Piracy Act

Reddit SOPA

Ugh second semester is one great hell and I need to survive this thesis (part 1) first. So I’m officially telling you (readers, if there are any) that I’ll be on a hiatus. So before going hiatus mode, I’ll be blogging once more. This time the topic would be something relevant to me lol. If […]

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