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All your privacy are belong to us

Digital privacy, Internet Surveillance and The PRISM - Enemies of the Internet

Court vs. Apple These past few days, the government has asked Apple to manufacture “better” versions of iOS software. This is not just a simple case of asking Apple to hand over their user’s data for legal reasons. The good guys are practically asking Apple to give up their customer’s privacy. All your data are […]

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FrootVPN – can a free vpn service be trusted?

Awhile back, The Piratebay endorsed a VPN service called FrootVPN. It made more than 100k signups after that. The twist? It is free. VPN also known as Virtual Private Networks, are networks which enables a Internet-capable device access the outside world (The Internet) like inside a private network. Imagine everyone can drink at a bar […]

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Droneboning, high-tech porn


Drone technology is now starting to hit mainstream due to concerns about privacy. An independent film company just shot the world’s first pornographic video made by drones. Droneboning was shot by Ghost+Cow films. The entire three-minute video has been shot using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The film features all kinds of people. There are¬†straight, […]

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Privacy is dead. We killed it.

Thanks to Edward Snowden for producing such an outburst regarding our privacy. Most of us right now is getting paranoid. The idea of our government spying on us is not new to everyone. We already have loads of movies, news and ideas of how our government is tapping our privacy. Yet we became too naive […]

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Data Privacy Act is finally signed by PNoy!

Data Privacy

President Benigno Aquino III finally signed the Data Privacy Act of 2012 last August 15 which is based on standards set by the European Parliament and aligned with the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Information Privacy Framework. For those who does not know, the Republic Act No. 10173, also known as the Data Privacy Act of […]

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What does Code 2600 means? Now showing at Cinequest 2012 Film Fest!

Code 2600 Film

I personally like watching documentaries and short films. Especially those conspiracy theories that will keep you on asking “Is it true?” Code 2600 is a film about the rise of Information Technology Age. It tells us a story on how hackers acts as a threat and protection at the same time. It also tells us […]

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