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All your privacy are belong to us

Digital privacy, Internet Surveillance and The PRISM - Enemies of the Internet

Court vs. Apple These past few days, the government has asked Apple to manufacture “better” versions of iOS software. This is not just a simple case of asking Apple to hand over their user’s data for legal reasons. The good guys are practically asking Apple to give up their customer’s privacy. All your data are […]

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Are you online?

social life

Humans are social animals. It is inevitable. We cannot escape the fact that we need social interaction every once in a while whether you label yourself as introverted or shy. With the dawn of social media platforms, we enabled ourselves to connect more than we have almost connected before. With just one tap, we can […]

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Privacy is dead. We killed it.

Thanks to Edward Snowden for producing such an outburst regarding our privacy. Most of us right now is getting paranoid. The idea of our government spying on us is not new to everyone. We already have loads of movies, news and ideas of how our government is tapping our privacy. Yet we became too naive […]

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Cyber Libel – The illusion of control over the freedom of speech in the Internet

Welcome to the Internet, you must be new here.

  The Filipino cyberspace has been stormed by a specific topic these past few weeks. It created a disturbance to our local netizens and sparked a movement which led to the chaos of our cyberspace. What you are going to read along the next lines are merely my opinion, and no I am not a […]

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