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What is Dependency Injection?

  Dependency Injection is a software design pattern for injecting dependencies. It helps your code in resolving dependencies by injecting the dependency to a dependent object; Making your code more decoupled, modular and flexible. Dependency Injection is a commonly used by frameworks that deal with a huge amount of dependencies. You may already have used […]

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Centos – configuring Samba to access via Windows network

samba config access via windows network

You may need to access the files in your virtual machine from time to time while developing. It sucks how you need to run your FTP client or even use SFTP just to put that missing semicolon in your PHP script. In this article, we will show you how to access your virtual machines files […]

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API Versioning with Symfony2 using URI

There are a lot of ways in versioning your API. Inserting the version in the URI is the easiest way in doing so. Although this breaks the HATEOAS constraint of a RESTful API, URI versioning is the easiest to implement. Symfony 2 has a feature called routes. In these routes, the developer can create URI […]

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Centos – configuring virtualbox bridged adapter

Here is how you will set your virtual centos machine to connect to the internet. First your virtual machine must be using a bridged adapter, running ifconfig will give you something like this. This means that eth0 is not yet configured. We need to manually configure it in order to connect to our local network. […]

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How to create a Vagrant base box

Vagrant is an open source wrapper for managing virtual environments. It enables you to reproduce virtual environments without having to re-install everything. There are a lot to talk about when it comes to Vagrant. Right now we are just going to focus on creating base boxes. Base boxes are portable virtual machines that can be […]

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Use Openshift as a free Shoutcast server


So you want to set up your own radio station? I spent a lot of time looking for a free VPS. Yes there are free Shoutcast servers out there but most serversĀ are outdated. I remembered that Openshift is a server per se so I decided to give it a try. Before we go ahead, I […]

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How to watch Hulu outside US without VPN for free

We do all have our favorite local television shows and movies but we cannot deny that we love foreign shows as well. I don’t need to mention specific shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones because every couch potato knows about it. You wanted to watch your favorite show or movie but too […]

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How to request a custom Google+ URL

  Apparently if you are one of those commoners, you cannot simply send a request. Now, not only the famous pages and personalities have the perk to have your own vanity URL. You just have to wait for the big G to send you an email telling that you that they reserved a vanity URL […]

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How to get a verified Twitter account

Before we dive in how to get that white check mark in the blue cloud, What does getting ‘verified’ really means? Why does Twitter verify an account? Well, for starters, a verified account shows that they are real and authentic accounts. These accounts show that they are who they claim to be. This protects that […]

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Creating a virtual network – Ubuntu to Windows

Yesterday, I reformatted my Ubuntu server. I thought I should blog this so I won’t have a hard time trying to sort out the steps on what to do when creating a network for the guest machine and the host. This will help you develop on a linux-distro without even leaving your fancy Windows OS. […]

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USB flash drive contents replaced with a single shortcut

  I encountered a weird virus lately that has been infecting USB flash drives. It hides all your files inside an invisible folder and places a shortcut that seems to be pointing to the flash drive itself. If you check the target location of the shortcut, it points to rundll32.exe which run a file with […]

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How to make FTP Passive Mode on Oracle Virtualbox work

I was configuring my Ubuntu server and came across this problem. I forgot that this was the thing that prevented me to install an FTP server on a virtual machine. But since installing BuddyPress requires an FTP account. I have no option but setup an FTP server. Enought with the talk, lezgeriron! Of course, you […]

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Enabling multisite on your WordPress

What is a WordPress Multisite? As what is said in the WordPress Codex section, a multisite network enables end users of your blog to create their own sites on demand. A multisite network is a collection of sites that shares the same WordPress installation. They are like virtual sites that can share plugins and themes. […]

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