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What is Dependency Injection?

  Dependency Injection is a software design pattern for injecting dependencies. It helps your code in resolving dependencies by injecting the dependency to a dependent object; Making your code more decoupled, modular and flexible. Dependency Injection is a commonly used by frameworks that deal with a huge amount of dependencies. You may already have used […]

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Free website monitoring using Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot is a free website monitoring service. It checks whether your site is down or not in specific intervals. Similar to but in real-time. It can also check for specific ports and keywords on your site. It will send an email to you if a site goes down. You can also use the […]

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Codeigniter insert_id() not working when using transactions?

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When using Codeigniter transactions, put insert_id() before trans_complete() to get the correct id. $this->db->trans_start(); … $insert_id = $this->db->insert_id(); $this->db->trans_complete();

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Browser sending multiple requests at once!

Browser sending multiple requests!

So I was working on me project early this morning (was working on it almost a day actually), when I encountered a unique problem (well, this is the first time I encountered it). I was testing email notifications using sendmail. It works but the problem is it is sending multiple emails. I was like What […]

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CSS Transparency with opaque children

One of the biggest flaws in applying transparency on elements using CSS is that it needs to be compatible to different browsers. But nope, we won’t be talking about cross-browser CSS transparency here. Not like the ones you see through the first few pages of Google whenever you search for CSS transparency. What I am […]

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Useful WordPress Themes And Plugins

There you go, I’m a newbie here in wordpress, so let me handle this to share my resources and tips for the first time. If you’re looking for some great ways to improve your WordPress workflow, read on for a massive collection of free themes and plugins. These resources were all linked via the  Twitter […]

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So you need a php Cart class?

I got quite sick of the Cart class issue so I decided to create my own ‘generic’ one. I kinda obfuscated the code so if you really want to get the logic out of that Cart class of mine, you can always “decode” it. It is doable even for a monkey, promise 😀 Basically, in […]

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Happy Balentongs Day to Everyone!

happy balentongs day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Love is in the freakin air again. And guess what? I am single! lol. Though I am officially alone this Valentine’s, I still have lots to do. Because I am bored (and bitter at the same time) this Valentine’s day, I created a simple page for lovers out there to send […]

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Pure CSS Dropdown Menu

Whenever I do sites, it is always a hassle when they have multiple choices for their menu. I always google for techniques on how to create a drop down menu. I do this every time and has become redundant. So I thought, why not create my own? This post will show you how to create […]

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PHP 5.4 new features | Changes in the elePHPant


The 4th release candidate of php 5.4 was released last Christmas. You are cautiously been told not to use it in production since they still expect a lot of bugs to emerge. It is a release candidate duh? So what are the new features in php 5.4? I browsed on different blogs and sites. Looking […]

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Snowy Christmas for your Website

Merry Christmas

Two days to go before Christmas and if you still haven’t started shopping for gifts and decorating your house, shame on you.  Saint Nick will totally put you in the naughty list. Not only our homes should feel the holiday spirit, our ‘online homes’ too. I found this javascript a very long time ago. It […]

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Lazy Pirate’s Screen Navigator

I got addicted about infographics, that I made a blog just for them. You can check it out on tumblr. Well, we know that these infographics are so big. Sometimes the size doubles your screen. So I created a navigator of some sort. Hope you’ll enjoy it 😀 Feel free to change the logo in […]

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What are Clean URLs?

if you have used CodeIgniter, you will notice it uses clean URLs. Each segment in the url has a specific value. Like for the first and the second segments in the query string acts as the class name and the method respectively. The other trailing segments acts as the GET request or the parameters for […]

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Avoiding SQL Injection Attacks

SQL Injection, which I mostly call the “squealee“, is one of the most famous security vulnerability that most webmasters are still not aware of. The topic beyond SQL Injection is way too broad and will just bore you along the way if I tried to explain to you different attack vectors. There are also plenty […]

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