Will there be Bite Me season 3?

Dani Lennon will tear your hearts out

Zombie fans! Do you know about this web series? It has been on the webs for a while and now has gaining much recognition. Bite me is about three (3) die-hard gamers who finds themselves in the middle of an outbreak! Using their gaming skills, they hack and slash their way to survival.

Jeff (Yousef), Greg (Justin) and Mike (Ryan) along with Shawna (Dani), Lauren (Risdon) and Derrick (Morgan) teams up and combines all their skills in order to survive the outbreak. The series has been around last 2 years already but it has finally made its way for a second season this 2012.

The Bite MeĀ season 2 finale aired May 11 (Yup, just yesterday) and it was awesome! So awesome that 15 minutes are like T.V. commercials. Not mentioning the .. (SPOILER ALERT). I guess you’ll just have to see the series yourself and decide šŸ˜€

a katana? a baseball bat? or just pure mano y mano?

Anyway, I know you all want a season 3. We all do wanna watch Bite MeĀ season 3. In fact, I want season 3 so badly that I would check the fan pages and their channel for updates frequently. Let’s all hope that we won’t wait for two years again.

Like their Facebook fan pageĀ and go checkout their channel if you haven’t watched it yet!

And don’t forget.. we don’t have save points in real life.

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