Must watch movies for geeks in 2015

must watch movies for geeks in 2015

It is a new year! I know everyone is expecting movies like Blackhat but I am going to list down movies you may not have heard of yet. Here’s the must watch movies for geeks this 2015.

Who doesn’t like minions?

The Seventh Son
I thought this was Eragon

So these were the times where Peter and Hook are best friends

In the Heart of the Sea
And here I am thinking Moby Dick is a cute whale. Childhood ruined!

Kingsman: The Secret Service
Is this a sequel of spy kids?

Here’s the reason why Angie is dead.

Jupiter Ascending
The Matrix with Star Wars in one!

Mad Max: Fury Road
If you’re fan of classics.

Robocop when he’s still a kid

Ex Machina
Adam and Eve, android version

I am starting to deactivate my skype account

Project Almanac
Quantum Theory for the win!

Stoked? What movies are you planning to watch guys? Leave your comments down below!

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