Pocket Mortys – free game from Adult Swim

Pocket Mortys

Do you like Pokemon? Do you like Rick and Morty?

Whether you said yes or no, you should play Pocket Mortys!

Pocket Mortys is a pokemon inspired parody. It is based on one of Adult Swims most famous animated shows, Rick and Morty. There are 72 types of Mortys known. Each has 3 simple dumbfounded types; rock, paper and scissors. The only in-app purchase is the coupons you can use for blips and chitz, which you can also get from battling the Council of Ricks. One personal thing I find cool about Pocket Mortys is how Rick give side comments while you go on an adventure. You also need to chase down a Morty and tire it before capturing. The game has also a crafting system which separates it from just being a Pokemon rip off.

Pocket Mortys is currently available for free on Google Play and Appstore.
If you’ve never seen Rick and Morty before, well you should! The show is already prepping for the third season. It is about Rick bringing his grandson Morty; the former bringing the latter on weird and crazy adventures. See this trailer.

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