All your privacy are belong to us

All your privacy are belong to us

Court vs. Apple

These past few days, the government has asked Apple to manufacture “better” versions of iOS software. This is not just a simple case of asking Apple to hand over their user’s data for legal reasons. The good guys are practically asking Apple to give up their customer’s privacy.

All your data are belong to us

Crippling the device’s software is just the same as asking Apple to give them access to everyone’s devices. All the brute-forcing, decrypting or backdooring terms are just facades to something inevitable, and that’s “hand us your data”. Think of it as this, you bought a vault and trusted it cannot be opened without you. Then one day, the company that provided you the vault goes at your home and replaces its bolts with a training lock (at least it still does have a lock); and that is what the government asks Apple to do.

Enough with the rant..

To be fair, there is nothing wrong with what the government asks. It is just unethical, for a lack of better term, and the government can’t handle the fact that this modern-day cryptex is a dead-end. But the problem here is not about the encrypted data from a device, The main dilemma is whether Apple should give “backdoored” versions of their software or not, which is actually doable. Apple can just simply give up their stand and be done with it; and just like dominoes, every company will be required to put goodguys.exe in everyone’s devices. That simple action taken is the only catalyst we all need to let ourselves kill what is left of our privacy.

Is there really anything to hide?

One out of the ten of us are probably sleeper agents just waiting to wear that ticking vest. Maybe, we really need to just let the government take care of our privacy to protect us from ourselves. We do not have anything to hide. We are decent people with a decent jobs. We are fine with our government looking into our personal lives for our own protection. Though this argument does have a point, cow-mentality is what privacy-butchers want. Even though you may not care much about your privacy, there are people who do; and these people may be around you. Your family and friends are all susceptible to information abuse.

A kudos to Apple and Google.

Privacy does matter and it should matter. It defines our individuality.

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