mod_rewrite not working

Another day of fixing my problems. This time, since I am using Ubuntu, the problem is the configuration of the Apache server. I just did a fresh install of the server. Alongside with mySQL and other stuff that is in the LAMP package.  After that, copied my so-called framework and started adding stuff into it. […]

Ubuntu – OneiricOcelot – Day 2

So this is the second day of using Ubuntu. Just what the title says, I just upgraded from 11.04 to 11.10. It is like making the Natty Narwhal evolve into OneiricOcelot and gaining new abilities like tackle or tailwhip (LOL pokemon). Anyway, Yesterday I disabled the Unity. It is their closest thing they can compete […]

Ubuntu – The Naughty Narwhal – Day 1

This is my first day of using Ubuntu. Though I have used it already many times on a virtual box or someone’s laptop. This time it is for real and there is no switching back to windows whenever I can’t figure something out. Unlike the virtual-box-times, I can easily pres alt+[tab] and I’m back to […]

VPN protect your online identity

Although OpenVPN can be configured in several ways, let’s focus on the most typical one found in many VPN providers. In this typical configuration, first the peers taking part in the communication you and the VPN server to which you are trying to connect will authenticate to each other. Once this has been done and […]

removing gaps in HTML emails

We are currently in the middle of our three month contract. The system is based on Magento which is quite easy at first. I thought using a CMS (content-management system) would make things a lot more easier, since many people already use it. It seems that using old versions of a certain CMS would be […]

What are Clean URLs?

if you have used CodeIgniter, you will notice it uses clean URLs. Each segment in the url has a specific value. Like for the first and the second segments in the query string acts as the class name and the method respectively. The other trailing segments acts as the GET request or the parameters for […]

Avoiding SQL Injection Attacks

SQL Injection, which I mostly call the “squealee“, is one of the most famous security vulnerability that most webmasters are still not aware of. The topic beyond SQL Injection is way too broad and will just bore you along the way if I tried to explain to you different attack vectors. There are also plenty […]

making mail() function work using sendmail

PHP’s mail() function rely on the configuration on php.ini and sendmail.ini which can be found on their respective folders. Hence, if you are still new at this and using xampp. You might wonder how will I make this mail() function work. Basically there are two ways of making the mail() function work: using a mercury […]

Rainmetering – music hub

love music? purely enigma + some hint of CAD = osum!~ sidebars can be toggled by the icon below near the magnifying glass button (google search). in the middle is CAD and the lyrics of the currently playing song. Behind it is a transparent animation skin. Above are the launcher buttons that can also be […]

ORA-12560 TNS: Protocol Adapter Error

Always having that ORA-12560 error? TNS:protocol adapter error? tried installing 10g database and developer suite on a fresh system. Here’s what I did step 1:  install both Oracle 10g Developer Suite and Oracle 10g Database (you can’t use them if you don’t install them right?) step 2: set the environmental variable ORACLE_SID to your database […]