Lock your Google Chrome browser

Today, My SO noticed a tiny button at the upper right corner of Google Chrome with her username on it. Apparently, it was once a hidden feature that can only be accessed through chrome://flags uri. Now, it seems that it has been rolled out to the public. The lock option can only be enabled by […]

Centos – configuring virtualbox bridged adapter

Here is how you will set your virtual centos machine to connect to the internet. First your virtual machine must be using a bridged adapter, running ifconfig will give you something like this. This means that eth0 is not yet configured. We need to manually configure it in order to connect to our local network. […]

Incubus Live in Manila this March 2015!

After few years, Incubus will be back in Manila this March 13, 2015 for their fourth concert! It will be held at SM MOA Area at around 8:00 PM. The band known for their songs Drive, Wish You Were Here and Megalomaniac. Incubus will surely submerge us with new songs from their latest album “If […]

FrootVPN – can a free vpn service be trusted?

Awhile back, The Piratebay endorsed a VPN service called FrootVPN. It made more than 100k signups after that. The twist? It is free. VPN also known as Virtual Private Networks, are networks which enables a Internet-capable device access the outside world (The Internet) like inside a private network. Imagine everyone can drink at a bar […]

Droneboning, high-tech porn

Drone technology is now starting to hit mainstream due to concerns about privacy. An independent film company just shot the world’s first pornographic video made by drones. Droneboning was shot by Ghost+Cow films. The entire three-minute video has been shot using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The film features all kinds of people. There are straight, […]

Get invited at Ello, an ad-free social network!

Finally got an invite to Ello from Justin Gitlin (@cacheflowe). For those who are unaware yet, Ello is a new social network founded by Paul Budnitz (@paulbudnitz). It was launched early this year and is slowly gaining traction. It aims to be ad-free and maintain privacy-first policy. Ello is invite only but once you get an […]

Participate. Today is the day we fight back

With all the news, local or not, about government conspiracies, actors either getting jailed or getting beat up, netizens are all fired up in giving comments and having their own reactions. Not known to many, there is an issue that concerns us all. An issue that we as netizens are the main focus. Some of […]

How to create a Vagrant base box

Vagrant is an open source wrapper for managing virtual environments. It enables you to reproduce virtual environments without having to re-install everything. There are a lot to talk about when it comes to Vagrant. Right now we are just going to focus on creating base boxes. Base boxes are portable virtual machines that can be […]

Free website monitoring using Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot is a free website monitoring service. It checks whether your site is down or not in specific intervals. Similar to isitup.org but in real-time. It can also check for specific ports and keywords on your site. It will send an email to you if a site goes down. You can also use the […]

Getglue is now TVtag. Are the stickers back?

Getglue changed its name to TVtag following the acquisition by i.TV late last year. So what’s new? Aside from changing the primary color to reddish gay and a change of logo that resembles a TV. GetGlue TVtag is expected to focus more on TV curation. It also emphasizes on so-called “TV Moments”. TVtag encourages you to […]

Codeigniter insert_id() not working when using transactions?

When using Codeigniter transactions, put insert_id() before trans_complete() to get the correct id. $this->db->trans_start(); … $insert_id = $this->db->insert_id(); $this->db->trans_complete();

Watch the demo gameplay for Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation was already announced last 2011 by Ed Vaizey via Twitter. The game is developed by The Creative Assembly, known for their Total War game series. Alien: Isolation is heavily based on the movie Alien with a mix of Deadspace 2. Though Creative Assembly is known for strategy games, Alien: Isolation’s dark and slow […]

7107 International Music Festival 2014 – Buy tickets online!

So what is 7107? 7107 IMF (the number of islands in the Philippines) is the first international music festival that will be held in the Philippines. It is similar to music festivals held in the United States like Lollapalooza. Their aim is to create a unique lineup of music artists from different avenues both international […]

Must watch movie sequels in 2014

While I was away, I’ve been scouting and asking film geeks for upcoming movies to watch this 2014. I curated a long list and trimmed it down to movies with installments. The Hobbit – There and Back Again After the Desolation of Smaug, our heroes are now back on their journey to Smaug’s lair. Can […]